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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Physiotherapist

Hi, my name is Michael Dermansky and after working as a physiotherapist for the last 17 years (and directing MD Health Pilates for the last 13 years) it is still surprising when I see a new patient and they are pleasantly surprised by the experience or have no idea what to expect from the consultation.

To help you understand and make a great choice when picking a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist, these are my top 5 things to look for from your consultation. The clinician should always:

1) Start With a Good History – Every consultation should begin with a thorough history of your injury, including an understanding of the behaviour of your pain, to determine the reason for the pain, but also to determine whether the pain is mechanical (can be treated by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist) or more serious and needs to be referred on to a specialist.

2) Examine the Area Thoroughly – All areas of the body, like the back, knees or shoulders can have a number of things that can go wrong and cause injury, so it is important that each area is assessed properly and completely to determine a specific diagnosis as this will radically alter the required treatment.  Treatments can not be generic to be a effective and must to based on diagnosis to work.

3) Assess the Area Above and Below the Injured Area –  The body’s bio mechanics have a large impact on the function of each individual joint, therefore to effectively treat a knee injury for example, it is important to assess and determine the bio mechanical problems with the hips and ankles to solve the long term issues.  If there is no time to address this in your first session, these other areas should be assessed in your subsequent sessions.

4) Provide a Provisional Diagnosis – After your initial session, your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist may not have an exact diagnosis yet, but they will have an idea of the potential diagnoses and need to explain these to you.  The diagnosis will vary the treatment radically and will be the difference between an exercise being effective or ineffective in treating your injury or pain.

5) Provide a Plan for Your Future Sessions – when you go to the mechanics, your accountant or lawyers, they will give you an idea of what they need to work on, how long it will take and roughly how much it will cost, so why not your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist?  You deserve to know where your treatment plan is going and what to expect from your treatment in the long term.

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