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Exercising in the heat – the good and bad

What are the health benefits of exercising in high temperatures? There are some benefits of exercising in the heat for fitness, in particular, the short term effects on the heart.  Exercising in high temperature (over 32 deg), regularly for 5-10 days at a moderate level  for 60 minutes causes a heat adaptation effect, which means

The Importance of Joint Mobility

The Importance of Joint Mobility to Accompany Your Strength Training Program by Beth Chiuchiarelli Accredited Exercise Physiologist at MD Health Pilates To get the most out of your strength training or rehabilitation programs we not only need to strengthen the muscles that move and support the joint but we also need to maintain normal range

Hip Pain – Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Hip Pain – Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome Late last year Jacinta attended a course on ‘Greater trochanteric pain syndrome’. This syndrome covers many dysfunctions and injuries around the hip. Greater trochanteric syndrome is caused by irritation of the bursa (fat pad) which is a shock absorber as well as a lubricant for the muscles around

Staff Exercise Tip

This Months Staff Exercise Tip By Nick Adkins, Exercise Physiologist Like everyone who comes to MD Health, I love my exercise. What I love best is the variety of exercise that can be done. Throughout my daily life, I complete a mix of pilates, heavy resistance training, cardiovascular training and plyometrics. Out of all the

Free Assessment

Full Body Assessment

Not sure what to expect from our free full body assessment? Have a read of this: Our Full Body Assessment (FBA) takes 60 minutes to complete. Initially we will chat about your injuries, medical history and short and long term goals. From here we will conduct range of motion testing using a special gadget called

Common Exercise Technique Mistakes

Common Exercise Technique Mistakes This Week: The Push-Up Push-Ups are one of the most commonly prescribed upper body exercises as they can be performed anywhere with no need for any exercise equipment. However because of this many people perform push-ups on their own, with no supervision and may be unaware of any technique mistakes they

Warm Up For Resistance Training

Warm Up For Resistance Training Many people go to the gym and lift weights without doing any form of warm up or perform an inadequate warm up before hand. Warming up prior to resistance training is important to prevent injuries and maximise performance during your workout. The following tips will help you with your next

Resistance Training for Elderly

Benefits of Resistance Training for Elderly People

Benefits of Resistance Training for Elderly People The benefits of resistance training for health and fitness are well known, especially for increasing strength and power. Often people only think of resistance training as being appropriate for young athletic individuals; however there are a number of very important benefits for the elderly population. Strengthen Bones Weight

Exercises To Improve Balance

Exercises to Improve Balance

Exercises to Improve Balance Most people perform exercise to improve strength, endurance, speed and power, but one element of fitness which is often overlooked is balance. Balance is a critical part of human movement from young children learning to walk, elite athletes performing difficult skills, to elderly people requiring balance to prevent falls. Balance is

Five Common Exercise Technique Mistakes

Five Common Exercise Technique Mistakes And How To Correct Them 1. Squatting With Poor Knee Control A common mistake people make when doing a squat is letting their knees come forward over their toes. To correct this it is important to start a squatting movement from your hips, sticking your bottom back like you are

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