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3 tips to lose weight quickly!

Although a long term approach is always the best way to lose weight and keep it off,  below are my top 3 tips to give your journey of weight loss a kick start. Reduce your portion size –  This may seem simple, but even a healthy meal can really add up in kilojoules which means you’re eating

How many kilojoules do I consume to lose weight?

Although each person is different and your ideal kilojoule intake depends on your height, weight and muscle mass, I can give you a rough guide of how many kilojoules you should be consuming to lose weight. The key to losing weight is to eat less kilojoules than you are using with activity and your natural

How much should I weigh?

How much should I weigh?

Weight is not the only measure of healthiness, but a healthy weight range does affect your risk to issues such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, wear and tear on your major joints such as your hips and your knees.  Although it is harder to measure, being in a healthy weight range does affect the way

How to lose belly fat!

Belly fat is generally a more dangerous fat than elsewhere in the body because, firstly it is more mobile and more likely to deposit in arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease and small blood vessel damage.  Secondly, it is also a strong indication that there is an increased fat surrounding our vital organs, such as the

Resistance Training and Type 2 Diabetes

Resistance Training and Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that has become more prevalent in the recent years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Diabetes Australia, around 1.7 million Australians have diabetes (either type 1 or 2), with 280 Australians developing it every day. It is also costing the

Christmas Health and Fitness Tips

Christmas Health and Fitness Tips With the holiday season fast approaching many people neglect their regular exercise and eating habits which are a part of their daily routine throughout the rest of the calendar year. So here are some Christmas Health and Fitness tips to help you maintain and improve your health and fitness this

Exercise For High Blood Pressure

Exercise For High Blood Pressure

Exercise For High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a condition suffered by many people and often treated with medication and dietary interventions. Exercise is also highly beneficial in not only the treatment but prevention of high blood pressure. How Does Exercise Help My Blood Pressure? While exercising, our blood pressure increases from resting levels


Exercise for Healthy Bones

The Benefits of Exercise for Healthy Bones! Regular exercise has many health and fitness benefits for the heart, lungs and muscles, but what about our bones? Bone health is extremely important as our skeleton acts as our body’s framework for movement, as well as providing protection for our vital organs. Diseases such as osteoporosis due

Nutritional information – Fibre – Why is it important and where do I get it from

Fibre is an important part of carbohydrate containing foods that has 2 major functions in the body.  Firstly, soluble fibre, contained in fruits such as apples, kiwi fruits and grains such as oats, has a massive role in reducing your body’s cholesterol, especially the “bad” LDL cholesterol.   The way it works is that when “bile”

Why our children are gaining weight

By Michael Dermansky – Physiotherapist at MD Health Over the last 15 year over 15% and more recently over 20% of Australian Children are either overweight or obese. This is not just an isolated Australian problem, but is happening all over the world, with 30% in Canada and >35% in some part of America, but why

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