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Why a strong bottom muscle is going to help you during your pregnancy

Click here to watch a video of Mike explaining why it’s important for you to have strong bottom muscles during and after your pregnancy.

Why sit ups is not a good exercise during and after pregnancy?

Click here to watch this video of Mike explaining why sit ups is not an ideal exercise during and after pregnancy. Mike will also show you a more appropriate and effective exercise instead of sit ups.

Core Stability – How It Will Be Even Better In The Future

Core Stability – How It Will Be Even Better In The Future Following Nicholas’ rehabilitation after his disc prolapse, we have been working hard to determine the best way to incorporate some of the additional core stability training, in particular, Multifidus training, as part of everyone’s Pilates program over the next few months. So why


Exercise Myth Busted

Exercise Myth Busted “You Shouldn’t Exercise While Pregnant” Many women are afraid of exercising whilst pregnant, however it is highly dependent on what type of exercises you choose to do. For example it is very important to maintain the strength and stability of your joints especially your pelvis. During pregnancy the ligaments that support your

Pelvic Joint Dysfunction in Pregnancy

Pelvic Joint Dysfunction in Pregnancy Pelvic Joint Dysfunction is a common problem during pregnancy and is related to hormonal effects on the ligaments/joints, weight gain and postural changes during pregnancy. This blog article will help you with the common problems associated with pelvic joint dysfunction during pregnancy. It should be used in combination with MD

Guidelines of Taping

Guidelines of Taping

Guidelines of Taping Although taping is widely regarded as an avenue of injury prevention and treatment, it is important to understand when, how and more importantly why to use it. In the last couple of years there has been a massive craze in multi-coloured and funky taping patterns seen across athletes, but what exactly do

Post-Natal Exercise

Post-Natal Exercise

Post-Natal Exercise Studies have shown that only 10% of women exercise during pregnancy, therefore many women have not exercised regularly for quite some time. However definite gains have been found from beginning a gentle exercise program early in the post natal period. Time for exercising is not neglecting your baby but making you more able

Resistance Training For Fat Loss

Resistance Training for Fat Loss

Resistance Training for Fat Loss How Does Strength Training Help Me Lose Fat? Your daily energy expenditure is largely determined by what is called your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which means the amount of energy you expend at rest to keep your body functioning. RMR is largely determined by the amount of lean muscle mass

Pilates For Posture

Pilates For Posture Why Is Correct Posture So Important? Quite often poor posture or weakness in postural muscles is a large contributing factor to conditions such as neck, shoulder and back pain. Improving posture is also one of the most common goals of our clients at MD Health. How Can Pilates Improve Posture? Strengthening the

Core Stability

Core Stability What Is It? Core stability is the ability to control the lumbar spine, using the deep abdominal muscles, in particular two main muscles called: Transversus Abdominus Multifidus (source of picture – Why Is Core Stability Important For Lower Back Pain? In general, the lumbar spine is held stable at the end of

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