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Why swimming is a good form of exercise?

Why is swimming a good form of exercise? Swimming is great for cardio fitness, good for breathing technique (eg asthma) and from a Physiotherapist perspective I find swimming is good for managing common types of back problems (like lumbar disc bulge) From a strength training point of view, swimming is an extension based exercise program

Why women are weak?

The most common problem I see when doing an assessment with women for the first time is that usually, most women are just not strong enough, especially in all the stabilising muscles, that keeps them up straight and are the base of all major movements in the body.  Doing strength based work is usually not

Top 5 Pilates moves which will help your sporting performance

Golf game, tennis or swimming not as good as it can be ?  5 Pilates moves you can do at home to boost your performance Can’t hit your golf ball as far as you would like? Can’t hit the tennis ball over the net as fast as you need to ? Is swimming more of

Dead Lifts – Great gym based exercise for multifidus (IF performed properly)

Dead lifts are a more direct, gym based exercise that aims to work the multifidus during movement. The multifidus muscle needs to stabilise the lower back so that the major gluteal muscle (gluteus maximus) allows you to bend and lift.   These 2 muscles work hand in hand in many major movements, such as sitting to

The importance of Core and the role Pilates can play in helping Triathletes

Triathlon, both the events, but especially the training, puts an enormous load on all the major joints of the upper and lower body. In particular, the lower back, pelvis and hips struggle to cope with the repeated, constant loads placed on these joints and can break down leading to both short term, but more commonly,

Why ‘sit-ups’ is not a good idea for women who are pregnant

During pregnancy, most women develop a split in their abdominal muscles. Sit-ups increase the abdominal pressure and encourage the split between the abdominal muscles, making the recovery of these muscles after childbirth slower and problematic. Sit ups do NOT strengthen the core stabilisers. It does NOT work the core stabilisers, the transversus abdominus and multifidus.

What is a Physiotherapist?

What is a Physiotherapist? Contrary to popular belief Physiotherapists do more than just massage! We also work in areas other than the sporting field, such as hospitals, private practice, community rehab centres and in the home. As Physiotherapists, we are highly trained in understanding how the human body moves and functions. Reduction in pain and

Preventing Knee Injuries in the Workplace

Preventing Knee Injuries in the Workplace There are two main types of knee injuries: Acute injuries, which result from a sudden trauma, such as an awkward fall, collision or twist of the knee joint, and overuse injuries, which result from continuous activity or overload, such as running, jumping and cycling. These types of injuries start

Instil Confidence in Athletes not Reliance on the Practitioner

Instil Confidence in Athletes not Reliance on the Practitioner One of our Exercise Physiologist’s, Kyle, recently read an article by Adam Meakin’s (Physiotherapist) called ‘All that is wrong with Sports Physios’ Adam explained that a therapist conducted endless hours of massage, joint alignment and acupuncture on an elite athlete prior to competition. This routine of

Pelvic Floor Part Two

How To Train Your Pelvic Floor Properly The pelvic floor (PF) are an important group of muscles that provide a sling for the organs within the pelvis. They all have an important role to play when it comes to continence of the bladder, uterus and bowel. We frequently come across people explain to us that

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