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Do you have a LAZY bum?

You’re right, it’s a medical diagnosis – a lazy bum. We see many clients coming through our doors and after their 1 hour  Full Body Assessment, we often tell them that they have a ‘lazy bum’.

A ‘lazy bum’ may seem funny and it is not aimed at insulting you or anyone for that matter. It simply means that your major buttock muscles, in particular your “gluteus maximus” muscles either don’t fire up when needed or are just not strong enough for your everyday tasks.  Your buttocks is such an important muscle and it’s located strategically just where our spine ends. We need our glutes to activate  and take the heavy load when lifting, walking, getting up from a chair or a car seat, basically most activities in life.

Strong glutes mean:

  • Good pelvic stability
  • A good major power muscle to assist the core stabilisers in protecting the spine
  • A strong, major propulsion muscle when you walk, run, go up and down the stairs as well as walking up and downhill.
  • A strong support for the back to assist with lifting.

If this muscle is not active or in other words ‘lazy’, it puts more load on the spine increasing the risk of back injury.

So for those of you who have a ‘lazy bum’, I have three easy exercises to wake up those powerful muscles. You can do these on your lounge room floor perhaps next to your couch to help you get up and down from the floor.

A good way to start practicing activating your glutes it to start squeezing your bottom whenever you remember such as when you’re driving your car and waiting for traffic lights to go green.

















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