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How to book your Pilates sessions at MD Health using your Mobile Phone

Step 1) Click on the following link to download the Mindbody App on either your iPhone or Android phone. MindBody App – click here to download the App


Download MindBody app

Download MindBody app







Step 2) Open the app and Click Or Continue with email and use your e-mail address as your log-in.

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Sign in screen




Step 3) In the favourites box, select MD Health.

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Step 4) Select the service you would like to book in for (Pilates most likely).

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Step 5) Select the Right level of Pilates.  If you are not sure which one to pick, ask your instructor or ring Reception for help (03) 9857 0644.

Pilates Levels at MD Health

  • Level 1 – Select Pilates 1-1
  • Level 2 – Select 1 x Pilates 1-1 per week and 1 x Pilates 2-1 per week
  • Level 3 – Select Pilates 2-1
  • Level 4 – Select 1 x Pilates 2-1 per week and 1 x Pilates 4-1 per week
  • Level 5 – Select Pilates 4-1

Special cases

If you are a HCF member, select the Pilates services that start with HCF.

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Step 6) You can select the instructor, but we strongly recommend selecting ANY staff for the most amount of availability.

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Step 7) Choose the DATE and the TIME of your session.

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Shot 8




Step 8: Complete the booking.

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…and you can add your booking to your phone’s diary.

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Step 9: Checking your Pilates Schedule any time

You can check your Pilates schedule anytime on the Mindbody App by clicking on SCHEDULE at the bottom right hand corner. At the top you can select UPCOMING or HISTORY. History will obviously show you your previous appointments.

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