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Our 13 Week Pilates program is suitable for everyone, including those with musculoskeletal pain or injury.

By working to an individual program, designed & fully supervised by qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, you can be assured that the training you do is right for your body.

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  • What is Pilates good for?
  • Injury prevention & pain management
  • Core stability
  • Increased muscle tone and strength
  • Prevention of recurring pain (eg. neck & back pain)
  • Increased mobility, flexibility and balance
  • Better posture and movement
  • Whether you would like to be more active with your children or lead a more adventurous lifestyle, MD Health Pilates is the first step to a healthier you.  

Each session is guided by our qualified Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists. Your program is unique to you and tailored to achieve your specific goals using a range of equipment and exercises.

During each carefully supervised session, our Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will take you through specific exercises according to your treatment plan. We regularly update your program to ensure the exercise mix is both effective and interesting! Real results can be achieved with just two half hour training sessions a week.

We are open Mondays to Thursdays from 7am-9pm and Fridays to Saturdays from 7am-2pm. We provide tailored Pilates on reformers to clients from all over Balwyn, North Balwyn, Kew, East Kew, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Templestowe, Doncaster, Bulleen, Malvern, Surrey Hills and Warrandyte.

How does the MD Health Pilates 13-week Program work?

The first step is a free (no obligation) full body assessment. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists then create a 13-week program that is tailor-made for you.

During this free assessment our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will talk to you about your short-term and long-term goals. These can range from being more active with young children and losing weight to regaining movement after an injury, pain or surgery.

Over the course of an hour we will test all your major joints to discover where injury, pain, lack of strength or core stability are limiting your movement.

After your full body assessment, our Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist will create a 13 week program that’s right for you. There are no lock-in contracts. Our 13 week program is designed based on the fact that our body needs at least two sessions a week for 13 weeks to make the necessary change to improve for long term.

Week 1

We’ll test your core stability using ultrasound to assess the exact level of your core strength. We’ll begin with basic Pilates exercises and start treatment if required.

Week 2 – 6

The exercises become a little tougher each week, based on your progress. We will work on your major weaknesses with a clear focus on your short-term and long-term goals. If any new treatment is required, we will incorporate this into your program.

Week 7

We will do a formal re-assessment, looking at how your body has changed since your initial assessment. This allows you to see your progress and allows us to adjust your program to make sure it is up to date and addresses your current goals and needs, including how your pathologies/injuries have changed over this time.

Week 8

By this stage, you will have noticed a real change in the way your body moves and feels. We will refine your program to target your remaining weaknesses and incorporate new treatments during your sessions.

Week 13

When you reach this milestone week, we will do another formal re-assessment, looking at how you have changed since your previous assessments.

We’ll talk about future goals and get you ready for your next fitness step.

Beyond 13 Weeks

After 13 weeks, most of our clients continue on to further work on their goals.

If you decide to continue with your program, we will still meet twice a week as we refine your exercises and assess your progress. The best outcomes we see are from clients who continue to do Pilates for at least 12 months.

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Will I work with the same person each time?

No, you’ll see a range of Physiotheraists/Exercise Physiologists over the 13-week program. This allows for more flexibility in your schedule. It also means many experts are working in collaboration to help you achieve the best results.


Can I claim on Private Health insurance?

Yes, if you have extras cover you can claim under either Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology depending who you see.


What are your hours of operation?

We are open from Mondays to Thursdays from 7am-9pm; and Fridays & Saturdays 7am-2pm.


Is there parking?

There are many 2 hour parking spots available around the clinic e.g. in Oswin Street.

Once you have completed your 13-week program you will also be entitled to special offers and gifts every two months as part of our Completion Club.
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