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More about Michael Dermansky – Director & Senior Physiotherapist of MD Health

Michael Dermansky

What do I love about my profession?

I love my profession as a physiotherapist because everyday, I get to make a direct impact on the lives of hundreds to thousands of people who can now do only what they previously one day dreamed of, limited by injury or pain.  I have seen many customers come to see me and my team with simple goals such as, reducing their back pain so they could do gardening on the weekend or get through work this week, to achieve goals they thought were completely out of their reach, such as skiing for 3 weeks in Japan or doing the Kokoda trail.  This is the impact of the skills, knowledge and systems our team have developed over time, that makes me excited and proud to go to work every day.

What is it about you that are different to other physiotherapists?

I am different because I don’t think like a regular physiotherapist.  It has never been about the skills that I have, the knowledge that I have acquired or how wonderfully I can “manipulate” someone’s neck or back.  It’s always been about creating systems to thoroughly assess and plan a patient’s overall injuries and problems, and achieve their goals.  In this way, my goal has always been to take a complex human being, who doesn’t just have a back or neck or shoulder injury, but may have issues with all body parts, and make the process of treating them simple and easy for both the physiotherapist and the patient to follow.  In this way, our team is able to achieve the same simple and the most complex goals for the patients, seamlessly and easily.

My biggest role is to take new ideas, research and developments and implement them into our system of treating patients easily and by every member of our team.

I have this approach in both my physiotherapy services and my business philosophy, so that both parts are about making the service simple and easy for the patient.

What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is two-fold; firstly, to be able to impact as many lives of people we can with the system of Physiotherapy and Pilates we have developed beyond who we can reach in the East Kew area at the moment.  We are currently limited by geography, but would like to spread these great results to as many people as could benefit from improvements to their pain and physical health.  Secondly, is training the right kind of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who want to use our systems to achieve the same kinds of results for their patients.  It is a mind set shift, from treatment focusing on brief acute pain relief, to true injury management, prevention and beyond to achieve customer goals beyond their expectation.  We have few excellent staff members who work and treat in this manner, but this is rare in our industry.

What are your biggest wins?

My biggest win has been taking this concept and idea of long term physical health and turning it into a system and a medium sized, sustainable business with 10 staff and thousands of happy, long term patients.  We have many happy patients who have been coming and attending our program for 5-10 years, because it continues to impact on their life and they can continue to achieve their life goals because of our program.

What are your career goals?

My current career goal is to take our current business and concept to the next level of franchising into firstly the Victorian and then the National market.  There is so much opportunity to impact the lives of many people in Australia, but my current team and I can not do this alone.  We are aiming to get our system to franchise in the next 12 months and hope to see the exciting developments that will lead to franchising.

Life outside of work – What do you do?

I have a very busy life, but once outside of work, my main focus is my 2 delightful little boys.  We do all sorts of wonderful activities together, such as going to the zoo, running around and playing in the park and even, occasionally skiing (there are still a lot of tears during ski school, but they still love going to “snowman”).  When I do have time for myself, I love skiing and would be up at the slopes every weekend if I had the chance.  I also enjoy playing golf (very badly), great food from different wonderful restaurants in Melbourne (always looking for a new, interesting place to try) and occasionally sitting down and watching a movie.

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