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The importance of Core and the role Pilates can play in helping Triathletes

Triathlon, both the events, but especially the training, puts an enormous load on all the major joints of the upper and lower body. In particular, the lower back, pelvis and hips struggle to cope with the repeated, constant loads placed on these joints and can break down leading to both short term, but more commonly,

Preventing Knee Injuries in the Workplace

Preventing Knee Injuries in the Workplace There are two main types of knee injuries: Acute injuries, which result from a sudden trauma, such as an awkward fall, collision or twist of the knee joint, and overuse injuries, which result from continuous activity or overload, such as running, jumping and cycling. These types of injuries start

Preventing Neck Pain

Preventing Neck Pain As the neck is so mobile and balances a heavy head on top of it, it can be easily strained. The most common causes of neck pain include: Injury, resulting from motor vehicle, sports or occupational accidents. Examples include ‘whiplash’ and muscle strains. Postural problems, such as slouching your shoulders, sleeping with

Preventing Back Pain in the Workplace

Preventing Back Pain in the Workplace As a large proportion of life is spent at work, the tips below are to help you move well, stay well and assist in preventing back pain in the workplace.     Lifting Prior to any lift ask yourself if there is an easier way to do this. Could

Why We Need Strong Buttocks to Prevent and Fix Back Pain

Why We Need Strong Buttocks to Prevent and Fix Back Pain The gluteals (buttocks muscles) are a very important muscle group; they serve many functions in the stability of the lower back and pelvis. However, nowadays we spend more time sitting on our buttocks than actually using it. In fact, according to the Australian Bureau

Clinical Pilates – Explaining Back Pain for Health Professionals

Lower back pain explained – Pathologies of the lumbar spine Back pain, in particular lower back pain is a condition which affects many people every day. However, the term lower back pain is very general and does not specify the underlying cause of pain or pathology. Lower back pain generally refers to pathologies of the

Clinical Pilates Systematic Review: Strategies for Using Exercise Therapy to Improve Outcomes in Chronic Low Back Pain

Exercise such as clinical Pilates is often used as a form of therapy for people with a range of chronic lower back conditions. But how effective is this form of exercise therapy at improving clinical outcomes for people with lower back pain? When looking at the research into the benefits of clinical Pilates and other

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