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What is clinical Pilates and what is it not?

Clinical Pilates is a variation on traditional Pilates that takes the knowledge and skills of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists in the human body and injury management and uses the Pilates exercises and equipment in ways that are most beneficial from an injury, exercise science and performance perspective. The real strength of the Clinical Pilates process

Is Pilates strength training?

Is Pilates a good substitute for strength training?

In general, clinical and reformer based Pilates is strength training.  The wonderful thing about reformer based Pilates is that it not only works on the obvious power muscles that you generally tend to work in the gym, but you also target the stabilising muscles, the muscles that control movement, which makes training more efficient and effective.

Frozen Shoulder Explained

Frozen Shoulder Explained

Frozen Shoulder Explained What is a Frozen Shoulder? A frozen shoulder is a condition characterized by inflammation, scarring and tightening of the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint, usually resulting in a large loss of shoulder movement. Frozen shoulders most commonly occur in people over 40 years of age and typically affect women more than

Christmas Health and Fitness Tips

Christmas Health and Fitness Tips With the holiday season fast approaching many people neglect their regular exercise and eating habits which are a part of their daily routine throughout the rest of the calendar year. So here are some Christmas Health and Fitness tips to help you maintain and improve your health and fitness this

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