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Is Pilates strength training?

Is Pilates a good substitute for strength training?

In general, clinical and reformer based Pilates is strength training.  The wonderful thing about reformer based Pilates is that it not only works on the obvious power muscles that you generally tend to work in the gym, but you also target the stabilising muscles, the muscles that control movement, which makes training more efficient and effective.

Preventing Neck Pain

Preventing Neck Pain As the neck is so mobile and balances a heavy head on top of it, it can be easily strained. The most common causes of neck pain include: Injury, resulting from motor vehicle, sports or occupational accidents. Examples include ‘whiplash’ and muscle strains. Postural problems, such as slouching your shoulders, sleeping with

Ice Vs Heat

Ice Vs Heat

Ice vs Heat A question which clients often ask at MD Health is “Should I be putting ice or heat where I feel sore from an injury?” So we have put together some guidelines of when it is appropriate to use ice or heat in reducing pain from an injury. Written by Jack Hickey, Exercise


Exercise for Healthy Bones

The Benefits of Exercise for Healthy Bones! Regular exercise has many health and fitness benefits for the heart, lungs and muscles, but what about our bones? Bone health is extremely important as our skeleton acts as our body’s framework for movement, as well as providing protection for our vital organs. Diseases such as osteoporosis due

SIJ Pain

Sacro Illiac Joint Pain SIJ Explained

Sacro Illiac Joint Pain SIJ Explained What is the Sacro Illiac Joint Pain (SIJ)? The SIJ is the joint between the lower segments of the spine, the sacrum, and the illium bone of the pelvis. The SIJ is given structural support by strong ligaments and muscular support gives the SIJ some degree of dynamic stability.

Group Pilates

FAI Hip Pain Explained

Femoro-Acetabular-Impingement FAI Hip Pain Explained Functional Anatomy of the Hip Joint The hip joint is a very stable ball and socket joint between the head of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis. The joint is enclosed by the acetabular labrum and joint capsule which increase joint stability. The main function of the hip

Kids FUNctional Pilates Program

Kids FUNctional Pilates Program

Kids FUNctional Pilates Program There often seems to be children who naturally have ‘it’ when it comes to sport but the truth is that most do not and it is something that can be trained. Many children loose interest and shy away from sports when they struggle to keep up or fit in. This can

Workout Wednesday: Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

Workout Wednesday: Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises This week in Workout Wednesday Jack and Mark demonstrate basic shoulder exercises to strengthen the stabilizing and postural muscles around the shoulder blades. Conservative management for people with shoulder impingement normally includes exercise therapy to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles as well as scapular stabilising muscles. Research has shown that

Sub-Acromial Shoulder Impingement Explained

Sub-Acromial Shoulder Impingement Explained Functional Anatomy of the Shoulder The shoulder complex is made up of the gleno-humeral (GH), acromio-clavicular (AC) and sterno-clavicular (SC) joints as well as the articulation between the scapula and the thorax. The GH is enclosed by a loose and shallow joint capsule which promotes a large range of movement at

Demystifying Pilates – Why do we do a Full Body Assessment (FBA) before you start Pilates

Demystifying Pilates – Why do we do a Full Body Assessment (FBA) before you start Pilates At MD Health Pilates, we always start your Clinical or Personalised Pilates program with a Full Body Assessment. What this means is that we assess all your major body parts, starting with your neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, knees

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