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Common Exercise Mistakes: Lunges

Common Exercise Mistakes: Lunges The lunge is a great multi- joint exercise for strengthening muscles that support your hips, knees and ankles. Compared to the squat, which is an up and down motion on two legs, lunges requires you to be in a split stance with one leg in front of the other which requires

What Weight Should I Be Using?

What Weight Should I Be Using?

What Weight Should I Be Using? Many people have trouble selecting the correct weight or resistance to use when performing exercises at the gym or at home. Too little Weight: You will not stress your muscles enough to make a measurable difference in improving your strength. Too much weight: You will find you may not

Warm Up For Resistance Training

Warm Up For Resistance Training Many people go to the gym and lift weights without doing any form of warm up or perform an inadequate warm up before hand. Warming up prior to resistance training is important to prevent injuries and maximise performance during your workout. The following tips will help you with your next

Exercise Tips While Travelling

Exercise Tips While Travelling Regular exercise and physical activity is something that often gets neglected when people go travelling on holiday. Here are a few tips to ensure you can maintain and improve your health and fitness the next time you go on a holiday. 1. Go Walkabout! When travelling to a new destination walking

Five Common Exercise Technique Mistakes

Five Common Exercise Technique Mistakes And How To Correct Them 1. Squatting With Poor Knee Control A common mistake people make when doing a squat is letting their knees come forward over their toes. To correct this it is important to start a squatting movement from your hips, sticking your bottom back like you are

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