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Dead Lifts – Great gym based exercise for multifidus (IF performed properly)

Dead lifts are a more direct, gym based exercise that aims to work the multifidus during movement. The multifidus muscle needs to stabilise the lower back so that the major gluteal muscle (gluteus maximus) allows you to bend and lift.   These 2 muscles work hand in hand in many major movements, such as sitting to

The importance of Core and the role Pilates can play in helping Triathletes

Triathlon, both the events, but especially the training, puts an enormous load on all the major joints of the upper and lower body. In particular, the lower back, pelvis and hips struggle to cope with the repeated, constant loads placed on these joints and can break down leading to both short term, but more commonly,

Why ‘sit-ups’ is not a good idea for women who are pregnant

During pregnancy, most women develop a split in their abdominal muscles. Sit-ups increase the abdominal pressure and encourage the split between the abdominal muscles, making the recovery of these muscles after childbirth slower and problematic. Sit ups do NOT strengthen the core stabilisers. It does NOT work the core stabilisers, the transversus abdominus and multifidus.

MD Health Clinical Pilates – Workout Wednesday – Back Extensions for Lumbar Disc Bulge

MD Health Clinical Pilates – Workout Wednesday – Back Extensions for Lumbar Disc Bulge It’s time again for Workout Wednesday! This week’s video is on lower back extensions for people with a lumbar spine disc bulge

Clinical Pilates – Explaining Back Pain for Health Professionals

Lower back pain explained – Pathologies of the lumbar spine Back pain, in particular lower back pain is a condition which affects many people every day. However, the term lower back pain is very general and does not specify the underlying cause of pain or pathology. Lower back pain generally refers to pathologies of the

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