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Is Pilates strength training?

Is Pilates a good substitute for strength training?

In general, clinical and reformer based Pilates is strength training.  The wonderful thing about reformer based Pilates is that it not only works on the obvious power muscles that you generally tend to work in the gym, but you also target the stabilising muscles, the muscles that control movement, which makes training more efficient and effective.

Dead Lifts – Great gym based exercise for multifidus (IF performed properly)

Dead lifts are a more direct, gym based exercise that aims to work the multifidus during movement. The multifidus muscle needs to stabilise the lower back so that the major gluteal muscle (gluteus maximus) allows you to bend and lift.   These 2 muscles work hand in hand in many major movements, such as sitting to

The importance of Core and the role Pilates can play in helping Triathletes

Triathlon, both the events, but especially the training, puts an enormous load on all the major joints of the upper and lower body. In particular, the lower back, pelvis and hips struggle to cope with the repeated, constant loads placed on these joints and can break down leading to both short term, but more commonly,

What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist? “Accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs) hold a four-year university degree and are allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.” Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) has the above definition on their website It is an adequate

Hamstring Injuries in Athletes

Hamstring Injuries in Athletes Jack came in last week and brought with him the ‘Nordbord’ or hamstring testing apparatus. This was specifically designed to assess athletes’ isometric hamstring strength vs their eccentric strength. The test involves kneeling on a pad with your heels through 2 straps that are connected to pressure senses that collect data

Common Exercise Technique Mistakes

Common Exercise Technique Mistakes This Week: The Push-Up Push-Ups are one of the most commonly prescribed upper body exercises as they can be performed anywhere with no need for any exercise equipment. However because of this many people perform push-ups on their own, with no supervision and may be unaware of any technique mistakes they

Correct Bike Set Up to Prevent Cycling Injuries

Time Efficient Exercise

Time Efficient Exercise We are all busy and can struggle to find time to fit everything in to our day, so when it comes to exercise we want to get as much from our workout as possible. The following tips will help you to make your workout more time efficient, whether it is in the

Resistance Training for Elderly

Benefits of Resistance Training for Elderly People

Benefits of Resistance Training for Elderly People The benefits of resistance training for health and fitness are well known, especially for increasing strength and power. Often people only think of resistance training as being appropriate for young athletic individuals; however there are a number of very important benefits for the elderly population. Strengthen Bones Weight

Top 5 Body Weight Exercises

Top 5 Body Weight Exercises

Top 5 Body Weight Exercises Anywhere, anytime! The following 5 exercises are in our opinion, the best exercises to increase strength using only your own body weight as resistance. 1. Push-ups Drop and give me 20! The push-up is an old favourite of any drill sergeant or sports coach, but it is for good reason.

MD Health Myth Busters

MD Health Myth Busters “Sit Ups Will Give You a Flat Stomach” – False! It is a commonly held belief that performing abdominal strengthening exercises such as sit ups reduce abdominal fat and give the appearance of a flat stomach. However this theory referred to as Spot Reduction, is an absolute myth where people believe

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