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Is Pilates strength training?

Is Pilates a good substitute for strength training?

In general, clinical and reformer based Pilates is strength training.  The wonderful thing about reformer based Pilates is that it not only works on the obvious power muscles that you generally tend to work in the gym, but you also target the stabilising muscles, the muscles that control movement, which makes training more efficient and effective.

The Importance of Joint Mobility

The Importance of Joint Mobility to Accompany Your Strength Training Program by Beth Chiuchiarelli Accredited Exercise Physiologist at MD Health Pilates To get the most out of your strength training or rehabilitation programs we not only need to strengthen the muscles that move and support the joint but we also need to maintain normal range

Hip Pain – Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Hip Pain – Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome Late last year Jacinta attended a course on ‘Greater trochanteric pain syndrome’. This syndrome covers many dysfunctions and injuries around the hip. Greater trochanteric syndrome is caused by irritation of the bursa (fat pad) which is a shock absorber as well as a lubricant for the muscles around

What Weight Should I Be Using?

What Weight Should I Be Using?

What Weight Should I Be Using? Many people have trouble selecting the correct weight or resistance to use when performing exercises at the gym or at home. Too little Weight: You will not stress your muscles enough to make a measurable difference in improving your strength. Too much weight: You will find you may not

Plyometrics Melbourne

Plyometric Exercise

Plyometric Exercise What Is It? Originally the word “plyometric” comes from two Greek words, plio, meaning “more” and metric, meaning “to measure”, or more accurately “measurable increase.” The Eastern Europeans first used Plyometrics in the 1970s to develop greater strength and power in their Olympic athletes. They based their programs on scientific evidence that stretching

Pilates for Men

Pilates For Men

Pilates for Men Is Pilates Only For Women? This is a common stereotype, however men benefit just as much as women from clinical Pilates as it is a form of strength training designed to strengthen the key stabilising muscles of the major joints of the body. In fact Pilates was invented by a man, Joseph

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