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Terms & Conditions of MD Health’s 13 Week Pilates Program


To get the most benefit from our 13 week Pilates program, we recommend that you book and attend at least two Pilates sessions per week for 13 weeks. There is no 13 week contract, but a commitment for you to complete your program in order to maximise the benefits of what our 13 week Pilates program can do for you. If you no longer wish to attend or complete your program, we would appreciate a phone call to Reception or an email sent to us to let us know why you can not finish the program.

Private Health Insurance

If you have Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology cover with your private health insurance (1on1 or group sessions) you can claim these sessions with your private health fund. At the end of your sessions (after attendance), an email will be sent to you with a copy of your tax invoice. You may forward this tax invoice to your insurer in order to claim. Most private health insurance have online claim portals. Please give them a call to find out.

It is important that you contact your insurance directly to check your cover.


All payments are invoiced at the time of your session. Your session fee will be direct debited from your nominated credit card which is automatically set up in our database (or as per your payment preference you have indicated).

Appointment Cancellation

If you wish to cancel and re-schedule your appointment, you must provide MD Health Reception with 4 hours notice. Any less than 4 hours notice and you have forfeited that session and you will still be charged the full session price.

On your first 13 weeks with MD Health, you have two strikes you can use to cancel and re-schedule your appointments at no cost to you with less than 4 hours notice. After the first 13 weeks, you have 4 strikes you can use with less than 4 hours notice to cancel and re-schedule your appointment at no cost to you. These strikes don’t apply if you simply forgot to turn up or failed to show up to your appointments.

Number of sessions per week

Our 13 week Pilates program works best with a minimum of two Pilates sessions per week. You must book for your sessions by calling Reception on 03 9857 0644 during office hours. Or email at

Management Rights

The management of MD Health reserve the right to cancel your 13 week Pilates program if members are seen not to comply with MD Health’s terms & conditions.

Our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists  will be in charge of your Pilates program. Please let our practitioners know if you have any issues  or conditions that may affect your session. This will allow us to alter your program accordingly.

Terms & Conditions

Please fill out the form below and tick the box if you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions you can call Reception on 9857 0644 or email

  • We would like to contact your GP at any stage during your time with us if we feel that there is a need or contraindication to your condition that may affect your time with us at MD Health. By providing us your GP’s name and phone number you have agreed for us to get in touch with your GP if and when the need arises.


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